Our story starts in 2009 with the discovery of this small American tool company in a parallel circumstance as our own personal lives. Trepidation was on everyone's mind. Job loss along with continuing market and financial volatility heavily influenced our passion to change course and take back our livelihood with the opportunity to restore a unique tool and company at risk of closure.

We finalized the purchase in November 2009. Certain that, it would be on us and not by some unknown nationwide folly or outside entity affecting our success or failure. We relocated the business from Stockton to our property in Mariposa, California, and spent the first two years, streamlining all operations and increasing production; before relocating again to Smith, Nevada, and finally settling a few miles over to the next community of Yerington, Nevada.

We owe so much of where we are today in this restoration effort to a list of highly regarded independent contractors and companies. Each of whom is strongly dedicated to changing our circumstances (knowingly or unknowingly) by helping us meet the goals and challenges that allow us the opportunity to tell a story of restoration. 

So stay tuned as we...

...continue to maintain the successful history of over fifty years and the commitment as a quality USA tool manufacturer, product availability, same-day shipping and reliable service.  

...support an amazing network of over 300 Authorized Distributor-Resellers and their tool-experts ready to serve you nationwide, in Canada, directly or online. 

...continue to actively pursue and promote product advancements and our company in service, manufacturing, delivery and worldwide partnerships making positive contributions to machinist efforts world-wide.

Below, we are introducing an emoji character each of us have created in our likeness along with our profiles. We will be sharing more of our story and highlighting specific contributions as we reveal more About Us in an ongoing post and blog campaign starting soon.

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Authorized Distributors can request access to our Distributor Portal where all relevant updates, post and news will be available 24/7 along with wholesale information and marketing support materials.

Meet Our Team and Support Partners

Edward (Ed) Gurr, has an extensive background in manufacturing operations, having been involved with small to Fortune 500 companies and product development from concept to market. Underscored by his mechanical engineering studies at Georgia Tech and working very closely with our favorite electrical engineer, his father. Ed is responsible for every aspect of the manufacturing processes in our shop. And the reason we can say that each and every item in our product lines are “always in stock”.

Pamela Gurr oversees the day-to-day operations, assuring that the company meets objectives and customer requirements. She’s acquired over three decades of essential experience in business and customer development along with marketing and allied partnerships. Her work experience began at the age of thirteen and has followed the same career path working with a variety of companies and business cycles from enterprising start-ups to mature mid sized corporations and array of innovative business models and funding stages.  

Together as co-owners, Pamela and Ed are focused on their original commitment and future to manufacture a quality product backed with over twelve years of reliable service and support to machinists world-wide.

  • Ed Gurr | President

    aka The Metalister

  • Pamela Gurr | General Manager

    aka Vanna-poser!

  • Jessica Smith | Accounting

    Since 2013 Jessica has been instrumental in helping us to select, develop and maintain our accounting system and processes.

    aka Accounting Ninja!

  • Ralph | Machine Production

    Amazing machinist and the reason we can say – Always in stock! 

    aka Super Ralph

  • Prime42

    Revered for over twelve years and counting for their efforts. Prime42, has worked to help us navigate the ever changing online experience. Through their mastery efforts they have developed, designed and produced several websites and platforms along with all the countless hours spent helping us to evolve our online existence and technical communications.

    Because of this partnership, our company's ability to maintain necessary site upgrades and face down the ever changing internet protocols we are able to better serve our Distributor-Reseller base and offer immediate access to our product and company information online and much more that adds to our efforts.

    aka Caped Web Creator


    Since 2018, has been a significant contributor to our corporate communications and SEO. Specializing in content and design for digital and print materials, ISLANDTWIG has helped us to realize a few major achievements. Producing our first Distributor Portal App, interactive product digital brochure (customized on request for Authorized Distributors). Producer of our 10th Anniversary Video and the first ever company Icon.

    Through the responsive service, knowledge and resourceful forethought, this business has produced the most amazing solutions and the creative options that support all of our marketing ambitions to produce collateral (digital and print) materials that help support our company and distributor roster.

    aka Obi-Don