Perfect Solution for Close & Long Tapping Hand and Machine Applications!


 Our Tap Extensions are competitively priced offering the smallest outer diameter (O.D.) same benefits of a long tap, yet at the cost associated with a standard tap. 

Tap Extension are also reusable, just change out dull taps and keep the extension. Each Extension is precision machined in America (using only USA steel sources) and guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship. 

Each Self-Locking "Jungere" (jun-ger-ee) Tap Extension requires no set screws or collets; only the drift provided can dislodge the Extension from the Tap, and it is guaranteed to exceed the torque strength of any standard Tap it is designed to hold.  Always in stock and ships same business day by 1:00 PM Pacific (3:00 PM EST).

Please reference our video demo along with detailed ANSI (metric) or Pipe NPT size charts to assure your tap will seat properly with the self-locking feature of our Tap Extension.