Perfect Solution for Close & Long Tapping Applications

Tap Extension with unique self-locking feature for ANSI, Metric, NPT sizes offers the industry's smallest OD available in extension lengths from two to twelve inches!

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  • Machined in America ⁠— using only USA steel sources

    Tap Associates Inc. Self-Locking Jungere Tap Extensions have been providing machinists with a cost effective solution for Long Reach and Close quarter Tapping since 1968.


    Available in 4", 6", 8" and 12" lengths.


    Available in 2", 4", 6", 8" and 12" lengths.



Is it new?

Although our unique line of Self-Locking Tap Extension is a must see, they’re not new. In-fact, we’ve been providing machinists worldwide with this close quarter and long tapping solution for decades.

Get strong hold without set screws, only the drift provided can dislodge the tap from the extension. For use in machine and hand tapping applications. Each extension offers the smallest outer diameter on the market and is designed for a specific ANSI (metric) or Pipe NPT tap size and extension lengths from two to twelve inches. 

Both product lines and sets are always in stock, ships the same business day (m-f) and are available from over 300 authorized tool and industrial Distributor-Resellers and online.

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Quick Reference Charts

The self-locking feature requires the Tap square and shank dimension meet the maximum accepted dimension shown on our size charts. 

NPT Pipe Series 102

ANSI Series 101

Metric sizes are noted as a conversion.

ANSI square and shank tap dims with metric threads are recommended.

Authorized Tool and Industrial Distributors


If your favorite tool distributor is not on our roster, just ask them to contact us and we can process with a credit card and ship direct same-day by 1pm Pacific time zone or buy online.



Ship Same-Day by 1:00pm Pacific Time Zone.



Each extension is machined in Nevada using only USA sourced still and is guaranteed against defects and workmanship.


Product Demo | Video Checklist

✔️ Important: Match the ANSI (metric conversion) or NPT Tap and Extension dimension for the square and shank.

✔️ Line up the Tap square corners with the extension inner marks.

✔️ Tap the square of the extension with a brass or lead hammer or or block to seat the tap firmly.

✔️ Tap square should be slightly visible but not covering the slot window.

✔️Only the drift provided can dislodge the Tap from the Extension. Insert the drift into the slot and move in an up and downward motion or tap drift through with a hammer or block.

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